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Frequently Asked Questions


The defining factor that is sorely lacking in most brands of commercialized pet food is the term ‘Gene Activators’. They may contain enough nutrients but not enough or ‘Nutrient Handlers & Waste Managers’. Our brand (Optimus Pet) of Microscopic Algae significantly brings nutrient absorption & distribution to a whole new level. This is the game changer in the health of pets who are facing an onslaught of degenerative diseases like never before.

Gene Activators are handlers of micro-nutrients like minerals, vitamins. enzymes, proteins, amino acids, peptides. polypeptides, mono/polysaccharides & omega fats. Including the junk fats (trans fats etc), refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, uric acid, creatinine, calcium oxalates, hyper-triglycerides, excess cholesterol, proteinuria, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, parasites, etc. The Natural Ligands or Gene Activators communicate with the pet’s body on a molecular level, instructing where, when & how the above metabolites are to be used, stored, distributed & eliminated.

Natural Ligands or Gene Activators = Logistics Department = Nutrient Handlers & Waste Managers

If you use the analogy that all metabolites are in envelopes with different addresses, & all are to be distributed to different destinations of the entire body. Each destination in the body has its own address that is displayed in multiple areas of each cell. The Gene Activators from Optimus Pet would be the logistics department that will lock onto the receptor sites of cells, transferring instructions on the delivery of micro-nutrients in perfect ratios to the correct addresses (Tissues, Organs, Cells, DNA) within the animals’ system & directing waste to be eliminated when necessary. 
The optimal combination of 10 components of Free Fatty Acids (The Gene Activators) from our breed of premium Microalgae contains high levels of Gene Activators. They are the Master Regulators of Health – it is like installing a natural ‘GPS Guiding System’ in your pets’ body that control & direct the exact amount of nutrients needed throughout its entire body, maintaining proper functioning of its component cells, tissues, organs, & organ systems. Effectively achieving Homeostasis (Optimal Health). Hence, your pets will thrive even in a toxic environment. They will play with lasting stamina, heal with organic speed & live a long & joyful life!

Give me the science behind what you mean above?

A ligand is also a gene activator, a molecule which produces a signal by binding to a site on a target protein or simply put, a switch to turn on genes to elicit a performance – example: lowering cholesterol/triglycerides, cell differentiation, balancing glucose, immune system modulation, nutrient handling, toxins, etc. There are Synthetic & Natural Ligands. Optimus Pet contains Natural Ligands (safest).
In molecular biology, animals have in their systems, ligand-activated Nuclear Hormone Receptors (NHRs) or a family of receptor proteins that operate in the cell nucleus as transcription factors (transfer of biological information), regulating the expression of genes.
In an extensive Phytotherapy Research, Optimus Pet (Tablets, Powder & especially the concentrated form of The Potent Vials) was found to contain the highest levels of qualitative Natural Ligands (NLs) or Natural Gene Activators (LC-PUFAs) compared to all other leading brands of microalgae. The NLs activate the superfamily of receptor genes (NHRs), thus assisting to promote healthy inflammation response while maintaining strong cellular structure & activity in the joints, bones & throughout the animals’ entire organ systems. 
From this Phytotherapy Research, Multiple Health Accolades were also accorded to Optimus Pet.

It is safe for all pets because Optimus Pet microscopic algae is a limitless plant-source. Common logic tells us that when pets consume home cook food, &/or processed food, they are usually laced with impurities. Beef, pork, chicken, turkey, & more that our pets are consuming typically comes from corn-fed animals treated with hormones, antibiotics & other unappetizing substances. The 'cooked-to-death' vegetables & meat are laced with pesticides, herbicides & fungicides, acrylamide, synthetic supplements, heavy metals, cheap oils, refined sugar, seasonings such as artificial flavors, MSG are all added. Pets are already consuming such foods & they do not have problems with medications.

Well, the obvious question here is how could there be contraindications if Optimus Pet (a raw vegetable-based natural food) does not contain the above mentioned toxins

Optimus Pet is NOT a lab-concocted, factory-produced man-made supplement. It is wholesome food that contains no fillers, binders or preservatives. Each harvest is analyzed for quality assurance to insure it is free of toxins & contaminants.